Fitness On Fire

featuring Josh and Haydee Graves

By Ricky Kuntemeyer

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“The number one rule of Fitness On Fire is everyone loves everyone.”

What does it look like to not only open a gym but open up a gym who seeks to optimize one’s wholistic health as well as unlocking individual’s peak fitness? To find out, we asked co-founders and fit couple Josh and Haydee Graves, owners of Fitness On Fire, an obstacle course racing, and movement specialist gym.

Josh and Haydee both worked and excelled in the commercial fitness industry, but the money-centered and cold culture created a great sense of satisfaction in their careers. Even if they were making great money, what was the purpose of it all if they were not happy? So Josh and Haydee took a huge leap of faith, put all their eggs in one basket, and opened Fitness On Fire.

At first it was a simply place with only the essentials, however their warm and inspiring presence started to bring in more and more clients into their wonderful community. As their community grew, so did their gym’s resources. A second bay was opened for private and small group training, a conference room was added, opened two massage therapy rooms, created a small library and coffee shop for members, and have made the ultimate fitness facility.

Each day, these two are seeking to improve the lives of those who come into their gym. Be sure to listen to the full interview to hear more about their story, and be sure to follow them on Facebook by clicking the link:

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