End of the School Year Means…

What does the end of a school year bring?

Since I’m in the field of education, it brings graduation, lei, proud families, and proud teachers.

It means hot days and cool after school treats for my children from Kozmic Cones. I soon will not be able to pick them up and buy them sweet treats.  My older child will (hopefully) go off to college and life will be very different. I cherish these moments I have with my teens.

It brings retirement celebrations, awards ceremonies, and best wishes to all.

This year, I helped Hilo High with their snack booth at Grad Nite.

We collected donations of water, chips, soda, cup noodles, and fruits.

We served poke bowls with rice donated from Don’s Grill, chili cheese nachos with chili donated from Kozmic Cones, ice cream sundaes with ice cream donated from Meadow Gold, desserts donated from Simply Sweets, spam musubi, and Bradda Pops.  We had a chocolate fountain with fruits and baked goods. Graduates could enjoy cup noodles, hot cocoa, coffee donated from Starbucks, and lemonade donated from Hot Dog on a Stick all as they spent the last time together as a class. Yes, they will have reunions, but it is never quite the same as graduation night. Congratulations to all graduates!  Best wishes for your bright future.  Go out and make Hilo proud. Living Hilo Style.


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