Bokksu Fan Favorites

I got my second Bokksu delivery recently.  This Japanese snack subscription box is a delicious and fun thing my daughter and I like to receive in our mailbox. Every month has a different theme and to celebrate the first birthday of Bokksu, this month’s theme is fan favorites and includes eight of the most beloved snacks and teas from this past year.

20th Century Pear Langue De Chat–Made using 20th Century Pear from Tottori Prefecture, this crumbly butter cookie infuses your mouth with a perfect blend of white chocolate and fragrant pear with every bite. This was light and delicious and not too sweet.

Black Sesame Senbei–Senbei is a traditional Japanese rice cracker usually baked or grilled and glazed with shoyu.  Goma adds a roasted, toasty flavor that complements the savory, crispy taste of the senbei well.

Bake Chocolate–This fluffy, rich chocolate is baked to perfection and melts in your mouth with every bite. These mini chocolate cakes are so delicious that you won’t be able to have just one.Cheese Manju Okashinai–Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat. Instead of the traditional red bean filling, this fluffy manju from Akita Prefecture is stuffed with white bean and cheese to create a sweet and savory happy delight.  This was the treat that my daughter went to first after we opened the box. We shared this cute happy-face treat and loved it.

Jaga Pokkuru–Jaga Pokkuru is made from 100 percent Hokkaido-grown potatoes. These high quality potatoes are cut and processed using a unique method to achieve this snack’s signature crispy texture. the roasted salt further brings out the potato’s innate flavors.

Oh! Yaki Toukibi–Also from Hokkaido, this crunchy mochi and corn snack from Sapporo becomes more addictive with every bite. Shoyu is also sprinkled in to mix in a savory deliciousness to the natural sweetness.Maru Cha Cha–Unlike many other matcha snacks that use usucha (light tea), this slim and elegant gluten-free matcha biscuit uses koicha (concentrated tea), which is a higher quality matcha that results in a richer flavor.

Apple Green Tea–This apple green tea is a blend of premium Sencha green tea with crisp, sweet apples and aromatic rose petals. Enjoy fragrant smells of apple and rose as you sip this slightly bittersweet tea.

I love these subscription snack boxes. I can’t wait for my next box and even more, I can’t wait until my next trip to Japan!


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