Fitting in a Workout

I enjoy working out. (Here is a link to a previous post about exercising.) Getting myself to start the workout is the hardest part of working out.  I find that putting on workout attire helps me to get to the point of actually working out.  And of course, after the workout, I always feel great about having done it. (I got my Bosu Ball from Amazon.)

Working out at home with Athlean XX.

I try to find ways to fit in a workout wherever I am.  I don’t have a special routine that I stick with.  I know that I am not a DVD person.  I have tried Tae Bo, T25, P90X and so many more of those DVD-based workouts but I found that after one or two months, I tend to get bored with the routine.

My friends convinced me to join them for the 2016 Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

I have friends who are avid runners. (Click to read about Bay to Breakers, Hilo to Volcano Relay, Honolulu Marathon) I am not a cardio lover.  I prefer working out with weights to doing cardio but if one of my children has an activity like soccer practice that I have to drive to, I try to fit in a wog (walk/jog) in the area–usually in downtown Hilo.I do have a gym membership and I count myself lucky that my gym is located in walking distance from my work site.  I try to make it to the gym during my lunch hour. It isn’t always possible due to conflicting meetings, appointments, and other commitments, but any number of visits to the gym is better than zero visits to the gym. I try to make my gym visit schedule work for me because I know that it is healthy for my body and my mind.

I was gifted a training journal from a dear friend.  According to one quiz in the journal, I am more of a warrior personality than a worrier one.  That means I should keep motivated by finding partners, finding and sticking to a plan that works, toning down my zest for life (in my case, it relates to my zest for food and win), and take the time to pause and reflect on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. This journal helps keep me motivated because I feel like I need to fill the pages of this book.  I keep track of my workouts in it and feel a little guilty when I have nothing to write and of course, I feel accomplished when I do have something to write.

Working out in my neighbor’s garage.

My partners that keep me motivated are both here in Hilo and off island.  My neighbor holds regular workout sessions at her home.  I am sometimes able to attend and join in with this bunch of friends. I also text with friends and family who have the same goals as I do.  We text about what exercising we do and what food we eat as we motivate and give ideas to each other.On those days that I cannot get a workout in at the gym or on the road, I try to get some exercise in at home.  I have dumbbells, kettle bells, exercise cables, a Bosu ball, and some other exercise toys that make it difficult for me to say that I can’t do it at home. I’ve tried many different workout apps on my iPhone and the one I’m using right now is called the Virtual Trainer app that has some free workouts on it.  It also has a paid subscription that you can upgrade to but since I mix up my workouts on different days, I haven’t felt the need to pay for any of the workouts yet.

I try to eat clean as much as possible–whatever that means.  To me, it means eating real food that isn’t processed. During my work day, I enjoy having boiled eggs, steamed Okinawan sweet potatoes, assorted nuts, and whatever fruits/veggies are in season. I also make an attempt to drink lots of water and green tea.

Although I don’t see muscles forming at the rate I want or the numbers on the scale moving quickly in the way that I want, making health and fitness a priority in my life feels good. How do you fit in your health and fitness goals into your life?  Do you have any tips for me? Living Hilo Style.

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