Zappos Bay to Breakers 2016 in San Francisco

I went to Sonoma with some girlfriends. After the Sonoma portion of our trip, we planned to stay in San Francisco the night before leaving California from Oakland so that we would be close to the airport for our early flight the next morning. As we researched hotels, we found that it was very difficult to find a room at a reasonable price. We knew there had to be some reason for these high prices. We found out that the famous Zappos Bay to Breakers 12K was scheduled for that same weekend. No wonder there weren’t any rooms in the city!  A couple of my girlfriends are pretty serious runners and  were very excited about registering for the run so the four of us decided to register. It seemed like a great and fun idea at the time. The date seemed so far away and I felt like I would have so much time to train. As time does in a situation like this, it flew by and race weekend was upon me.  Ready or not–I was in.

This race, previously known as the Cross City Race–better known today as the Bay to Breakers–was first held on January 1, 1912. The Zappos Bay to Breakers website touts this race as a glorious celebration of the human spirit–a giant wave of athleticism, fun, frivolity, and determination flowing across the City from the Bay to the Pacific Ocean. The Bay to Breakers is one of the largest footraces in the world with 50,000 + participants and 100,000 + spectators annually. The course is challenging and beautiful and consistently attracts world-class competitors. But, it isn’t just a race for the serious runner. In fact, it is even for non-serious runners like me.  There were lots of walkers, streakers, superheroes, and almost any other group you can think of.

We made it to the Bay to Breakers Expo at Pier 35. We went there to pick up our race t-shirts. We were ready with our bib numbers, got in line, identified ourselves and our bib numbers and were promptly told that we had to have the bib itself in order to pick up our shirts. Shucks, we didn’t bring the bib with us to the Expo since our room wasn’t ready at Hotel Vitale and we hadn’t unpacked our bags with the packets in them. We had no choice but to pick up the t-shirts after the race at the finish line festival.We still enjoyed the expo.  Under Armour had fun backdrops with which we could take commemorative photos. Do you like the neon sunglasses that were part of the B2B swag? #RunWithFight #IWill #WeWillWe also found these cool B2B sweatbands and tried rocking the crazy look complete with puffy hair.
Wendy won a Geico t-shirt at this booth! There were many other booths hawking wares from clothing to fitness accessories to teeth whiteners to snacks.Day of the race is here.  We got ready for the race and headed down to our corral.  There were over 40,000 participants in this race so the organizers stagger the start time for each group. As we waited, we got hit by flying tortillas as we stood in line. I did not know about this crazy tradition but went with the flow and did some throwing of tortillas myself. Tortillas go pretty far if you throw them well. Sounds like a fun party game!We didn’t have to go into the sobriety tent but took a pic in front of it anyway with our non-sobriety tank tops. #WhenISipYouSipWeSipimg_3333We made it to mile 7 and we are still smiling. I was so happy to see this sign and know that we had less than one more mile to go.  My buddies could have easily run another 10 miles. Not me–I was happy to see the finish line! We finished in the top half of all finishers!After the run, we met up with Wendy’s cousin who took us to Trouble Coffee Co. on Judah Street.  We got lattes, a coconut drink, and one-inch thick toast slathered with peanut butter and honey. I heard that there is an interesting background about how the shop started, but I couldn’t find documentation about their background.  I couldn’t find a website and their FB page wasn’t updated. Based on the crowd I saw at the shop that day, they don’t need any advertising. They have a loyal following.

*Update:  My good friend and I hope loyal reader of my blog, Laurie H., sent me this link with the background of Trouble Coffee. I guess I’m not the only one who got scolding for taking pictures in the shop!

It was a great day–we finished up with an amazing meal at Boulevard, a restaurant located right across our hotel.  Blog post about dinner coming soon.

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