An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

By: Jenn K

Recently, KTA Super Stores held its annual Safety Poster Contest awards and dinner at its Puainako location. It was the last one for this year which followed similar affairs in Keauhou and Waimea.

Participants at KTA in Waimea gather for Safety Poster awards and presentations.

For the past 28 years the Safety Committee, who is responsible for contacting the schools, has put on this successful community event.

Winning posters in the Shopping Cart Accidents category in Hilo.

At a time when they were experiencing a higher than average rate of accidents, KTA’s Safety Committee brainstormed about what they could do to raise awareness. An art contest was decided upon which would only be open to 5th grade students on the Big Island. This would be an appropriate choice for the contest as this age group was beginning to fully understand the concept of safety.

Winning posters in the Food Safety Category in Hilo.

Students would think of creative ways to communicate safe shopping practices and create posters to be displayed at KTA Super Stores’ Puainako, Keauhou, and Waimea locations.

Shoplifting and Theft category winners displayed at KTA Puainako.

Patrons would view each entry, in the hope that they will be reminded of the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Slips & Falls category winners displayed at KTA Puainako.

Every single poster entrant receives a goody bag. The top three winners are awarded with cool prizes in each of five categories: Food Safety, Shopping Cart Safety, Theft, Child Safety, and Slips & Falls.

Participating teachers in this year’s Safety Poster Contest.  Such dedicated individuals!

Posters are judged by region – Hilo, Kona, and Waimea. Current and past judges include a security company, police officers, fire fighters, and insurance company agents. They have the tough job of going through hundreds of quality posters submitted by such talented Big Island students.

Lucky first place winners received Amazon Fire tablets.

During the awards ceremony at Puainako, winning participants were honored for their hard work. Their teachers were thanked for making it possible for students to participate. Parents and other family members proudly applauded and congratulated their accomplished artists!

All of the Hilo area winners with President & COO Toby Taniguchi.


  1. Such a smart business move in our small community – I love scanning the posters to look for children I know and I am always impressed by the creativity in design and message!


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