Only In Hilo: 5 Things You Must Eat at Island Naturals Hilo

IMG_8383.JPGBy Misty I.

If you already love going to Island Naturals Hilo this post is NOT for you. This is for the Hilo resident that thinks they don’t/won’t like the food at Island Naturals. Even if you think you’re not “into” health food, the goal of this post is try to convince you otherwise!

At Island Naturals Hilo, the salad and hot entree bars are very popular and very good. However, this post will focus on the “Grab N Go” area that house many other delectable things. Next time you are in midtown-Hilo (haha…midtown-Hilo? Did I just make that up?) stop by and pick up something healthy and delish. These are my top 5 picks from their “Grab N Go” area:


#5: Beet Salad – such a tasty salad that always fills me up and is full of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. I love the vinegar kick in this salad!


#4: Kale Salad – Super healthy and it tastes good, promise! Kale salad is low in calories, yet high in vitamin A, vitamin K, and antioxidants. I love the sweetness of the cranberries too.


#3: Purple Sweet Potato Salad – This salad is soooo yummy! If you think the sweet potato salad at Cafe Pesto is good…the Island Naturals version is BETTER!! I love this stuff, try it!


#2: Green Papaya Salad – I’m not partial to spicy foods, but this salad is so good that I just take the heat. I often pack this in my bag before going to the baseball park so I won’t be tempted by concession food and baked goods.


#1: Organic Chicken Curry Salad – such a simple and delicious choice that packs a yummy punch of flavors! They also make a tofu version of this but I love meat and will choose chicken over tofu any day.

I hope you try some of these easy and healthy convenience foods from the Island Naturals “Grab N Go” section soon. If none of my 5 picks appeal to you, they have many other choices. Hope to see you at Island Naturals soon. Only in Hilo!


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