Hilo to Honolulu–Waikiki, Whisky, and Family

We took a quick trip to Oahu the day before our trip to Osaka so we could have some time to visit my super-cute and very “healthy” nephew, Max.

Max’s grandma greeted us with a delicious lunch of Chinese food from Harbor Village Cuisine in Aina Haina.

We had a great lunch and spent time with my family.  My brother and nephew even agreed to wear their #HiloDasWhy tops with me so we could take some fun pictures before Max went down for his nap. Once Max fell asleep, my husband and I left Max (and our own children) and headed to the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki where our family planned to stay overnight. We visit Oahu pretty regularly but rarely go to Waikiki.  On this trip, before meeting up with the children for dinner, we decided to walk around Waikiki. One place that caught my eye was Nomu, a cool whiskey bar in Waikiki Yokocho. I asked my husband to stop and keep me company as I tasted the delicious Ichiros Whisky that was new to me.

After the whisky stop and some quick shopping, we met my brother and the kids for dinner at Izakaya Nonbei where we had a lot of our favorite dishes including the always refreshing Strawberry Dream. Our family had a good sleep at the Pacific Beach Hotel–so much that while they slept in the next morning, I got to go for a wog around Kalakaua Park. I saw sand, surf, and the sunshine and was pleased to even see some people dancing hula on the beach. This was a great way to start off the day before heading to the airport to go to Osaka! Living Hilo Style on Oahu.


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