Day 4 Osaka–Cup Noodle Museum

We took a day trip to Ikeda city today.

Ikeda city is home to the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. There is one in Yokohama, I think.  We went to the one in Osaka prefecture.  Here you can design and create your own cup noodles. We all had a lot of fun doing this.  

After working hard in the cup noodle factory, we headed to the vending machine room where they had all different kinds of cup noodles that is not always available in stores for us to try.  I tried this delicious yuzu flavored ramen.

After getting back to Osaka city, we stopped and shopped at Takashimaya department store for a little while.  I got to stop at the basement level food court where I bought toro, salmon, and crab for such an affordable price!  I also love korokke (croquette) and bought one of those as well.

After our afternoon snack, we headed to the Tennoji area and had dinner. We don’t eat Japanese food at every meal.  The Japanese do Italian and American very well too.After dinner, we visited Abeno Harukas a skyscraper with an observatory deck. Amazing views of nighttime Osaka.After getting back to the hotel, we visited our favorite izakaya again and tried a new dish.  This was a kimchi-flavored cuttlefish.  Our favorite dish of the evening.  Living Hilo Style in Osaka.


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