Day 3 in Osaka–Aquarium and Dr. Stretch

It is day 3 and I still woke up before 5 a.m.  I went to Lawson’s for breakfast while the rest of my family slept. 

This time, I got a melon-pan, katsu-don, katsu sandwich, omu-raisu for our family to partake of this morning.

After our hikes yesterday, the group did not want to go on another hike today (to the suspension bridge that I wanted to see). We instead got on the train to head to the Osaka Aquarium. As we sat together on the train, we noticed that three of us were wearing very similar shoes.  #converse (<a href="http://Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Oxfords Optical White 5.5 D(M) US""“>You can get these shoes on Amazon if you can’t find them in your local store at the mall.)

It was a long wait in the hot sun to get into the aquarium but once we were in, it was nice and cool and we enjoyed the exhibits.

After the aquarium, my son and I elected to ride the Tempozan Ferris wheel while the rest of our group went shopping. This is one of the highest Ferris wheels in the world and of course, my son elects to ride in the gondola that is clear so that we can even see the ground below if we look down.  I didn’t look down.  My knees were shaking the whole time I was on the ride.

After the excursion to the aquarium and the Tempozan area, we headed to the Dotombori and Namba area where we had made an appointment for my son to have a Dr. Stretch session. We did this for him the last time we were in Japan and really liked it so we made it a point to go again.  If you are interested, it should be easy to get an appointment. There are around 25 Dr. Stretch locations in Osaka and over 60 in the Tokyo area.

We ended the day with good food and drinks together near the hotel.  Living Hilo Style in Osaka.


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