Only Easy: How to Make “Boujee” Avocado Toast


By Misty I.

Rain drop
Drop top
I think you’ll like this avocado toast a lot lot

Haha…I’ll never be a rapper, but I call this “Boujee” Avocado Toast because just like the lyrics in the popular Migos tune “Bad and Boujee” it went from “nothin’ to somethin’.”

I hemmed and hawed over writing this post. First of all, this isn’t really a recipe because everyone already knows you just slap avocado toast together. Secondly, it contains an ingredient that is not readily available in Hilo. Ugh, I hate recipes like that! However, I thought maybe you have a “friend” that goes to Trader Joe’s and buys you stuff. I consider my mother-in-law my Trader Joe’s “friend” as she goes to Las Vegas very often. Truth be told, I don’t think she necessarily “likes” being my Trader Joe’s “friend.” I don’t blame her. Thank you, Granny Yvonne, for lugging back all of my Trader Joe’s crap year after year! (8/10/19 update–Amazon now has lots of other options for this seasoning!)


If you are lucky enough to have a TJ’s “friend” have them get you a bottle of Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend the next time they go!

Back to the toast. I wanted to make a quick appetizer for a special dinner I attended last weekend. I had some ripe avocados and settled on avocado toast. Really, it was all I could manage at the end of a harried week while my husband was away on “business.” As I haphazardly assembled the toasts I realized I had that bottle of TJ’s bagel seasoning in my cabinet. Just like I had seen on Instagram (over 5,000 #everythingbutthebagel posts) I sprinkled it on and (poof!) my humble avocado toast turned into an elevated boujee-version! This is what I did:


Misty’s “Boujee” Avocado Toast


8 slices Dave’s Good Seed Bread (Dave’s has two types, I used the more-boujee thin-sliced)
½ C. mayonnaise (or to your discretion, mayo is key please do not omit this!)
2 ripe avocados
Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend


  1. Slice avocados as thinly and as prettily as possible.
  2. Toast the bread and spread a generous amount of mayonnaise on each slice.
  3. Carefully “fan” out the avocado slices as nicely as possible (err…unlike what I did!)
  4. Sprinkle with TJ’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning.

That’s it, only easy! Word to your mother…


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