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Only Cheap, Just Buy ‘Um: Trader Joe’s Skincare (Part 2)


By Misty I. I am hope you are staying safe from the effects of Tropical Storm Olivia. Hilo will endure. This is the second time I’m talking about Trader Joe’s skincare. Last weeks… Continue reading

Only Cheap, Just Buy ‘Um: Trader Joe’s Skincare (Part 1)


By Misty I. Can someone puhhhhlease bring Trader Joe’s to Hilo, Hawaii! I’m not an expert at market analysis, but I’m an expert shopper and I think Trader Joe’s would do extremely well… Continue reading

Only Easy: How to Make “Boujee” Avocado Toast


By Misty I. Rain drop Drop top I think you’ll like this avocado toast a lot lot Haha…I’ll never be a rapper, but I call this “Boujee” Avocado Toast because just like the… Continue reading

You Can Go Home Again


by Laurie H. There’s a phrase that everyone who lives here knows: “Lucky you live Hawaii.” As an MTV-addicted, British pop band-obsessed teenager growing up in Hilo in the 80’s, I didn’t feel… Continue reading

December in Las Vegas


We headed to Honolulu Airport laden with bento from Marukai. We are set for the plane ride to Las Vegas.   We are looking forward to our Hawaiian Airlines flight that will take… Continue reading