Hilo to Denver, Work and More

I had some work that took me to Denver, Colorado recently. Since Hawaiian Airlines does not fly to Denver, I booked United Airlines to get me there. Once I got my bag, I found the A Line train that got me from Denver Airport to Union Station where I then found the free 16th Street MallRide shuttle bus to get me to a block from my hotel, Homewood Suites Denver Downtown. The train costed only $10.50 and it was easy and efficient.

The Homewood Suites Denver Downtown was the perfect place for me. It was only a block from my conference and since it was a suite, it had a kitchen. It also offered free breakfasts and afternoon social hours.

That evening, my friend who lives in Louisville met me for dinner. We ate at Mercantile where we celebrated her birthday with a variety of delicious small plates.

Thanks to a tip from my friend Brandon, I used Amazon’s PrimeNow two-hour delivery service to get some essentials to me at the hotel. It was around 100 degrees in Denver, so I ordered a case of water. In addition, my conference did not provide meals so I ordered food through their Whole Foods site and got a variety of salads and a soup and some fruits. Since I had a kitchen in my room, it was really convenient.

I made it to Trader Joe’s one afternoon to stock up on some beauty products and other goodies. (Click here to read about Misty’s TJ beauty product part 1 recommendations.) (Click here to read about Misty’s TJ part 2 recommendations.)

Above are the items that Misty asked me to get for her.

The last day of the conference ended at midday so I had time to meet my friend in Boulder and shop and check out the Pearl Street Art Faire. I got a unique necklace from Beautiful Chaos and met the designer. Then we headed to Lousiville for their summer street fair and enjoyed some live music before heading to dinner.

What a great time in Colorado. It was a whirlwind trip full of learning with a few moments of exploring. Living Hilo Style in Colorado.



  1. Denver is home to a great Japanese garden. The head gardener visited Lili`uokalani Gardens in Hilo a few years back. When my husband and I visited Denver, Ebi recommended and we thoroughly enjoyed a special meal at Domo near the railroad tracks.

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