Only Cheap, Just Buy ‘Um: Trader Joe’s Skincare (Part 2)

By Misty I.

I hope you are staying safe from the effects of Tropical Storm Olivia. Hilo will endure.

This is the second time I’m talking about Trader Joe’s skincare. Last week’s TJ’s skincare post can be found here. This time, I’m sharing my favorite products to take traveling. I went to Reno in June for a Youth Nationals Baseball Tournament. Although it was a lot of fun, Reno was very dry. I relied on these products to keep myself from shriveling up! Although it did not make my top three, TJ’s also has an awesome lip balm and sunscreen that I forced my son to use daily at the ballpark.

Here are my top three product choices when traveling to a dry climate:

#3: Rose Water Facial Toner – I wasn’t too sure about this when I bought it, but it really comes in handy! I wish they’d make it in a travel size so I could go crazy spraying this on my face inflight. I don’t really like rose water, but this is mild so I enjoy using it. It’s also good if you work in an air conditioned environment.

#2: Cucumber Avocado Body Butter – this is actually a new product that came out this summer. It’s similar to their popular Coconut Body Butter. This product is good to slather on before bed, especially if you’re in a dry environment like air conditioned hotel rooms.

#1: Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream – I LOVE this stuff! It smells sooooo good. I can only describe it as smelling “clean.” I shared it with other baseball moms in Reno and they were hooked too. If you are lucky enough to have access to Trader Joe’s and have $5 you need this in your life.

That’s it. Only cheap, just buy ‘um!


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