Sharon’s Birthday Ambush at MORE GOOD HAIR DAYS

Who doesn’t want more good hair days?  I sure do.

I stopped by a new salon called MORE GOOD HAIR DAYS (on Lanikaula/Laukapu) not to get my hair done but to surprise my friend Sharon on her birthday. With this group of friends, we have been having fun planning birthday ambushes on each other.  We have ambushed each other at homes, at soccer fields, at restaurants, and in parking lots all around Hilo.  This ambush was the first time at a salon.

On this day, it was Sharon’s birthday. img_8304We found out from Sharon’s daughter that she had a hair appointment and wouldn’t be at home after work. So, instead of ambushing Sharon at her home, we decided to surprise her at the salon!  Sharon goes to MORE GOOD HAIR DAYS salon and sees the owner, Matteo, for her hair styling needs. This salon is in the same building as Big Island Top Dogs and Yan’s Kitchen.  If you haven’t gone to either of those places, you need to go.  Today.

Anyway, we were able to surprise Sharon during her appointment.  img_8299We brought food, wine, and laughter to Sharon’s appointment with Matteo.  He was very patient with us and I’d like to say that he even had a little bit of fun with us.  He is super nice!

If you are looking for a fresh new look, give Matteo a call.  (811 Laukapu Street/(808) 785-8026)

Visit him during the grand opening for the salon on November 4, 2-5 p.m., with salon refreshments, vendor door prizes/raffles, treatment samplings, and grand opening discounts.  Check it out.  Living Hilo Style.




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