Only Necessary: The Problem with “Just In Case”

By Misty I.

We’ve all done it. We buy something “just in case.” I’m not talking about gasoline or toilet paper, we actually need those things. Currently, anyway. I’m talking about all the “other” stuff.

In my house, the mental framework built around “just in case” purchases happens more than I’d like to admit. The other night my husband was looking online for a baseball glove for my younger son. Is he in need of a new glove? Not really. But my husband justified it by saying, “this glove is always sold out, what if he needs it and it’s not available?” His justification had “just in case” written all over it.

I encouraged him to hold off and wait. I’m not sure if I convinced him. I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and my usual “bossy boots” convincing has been reduced to a wimpish whisper of, “I don’t think he needs it.”

My husband isn’t the only one, I still struggle with “just in case” too. In fact, I’m probably worse. Recently, my MIL asked me if I wanted anything from Trader Joe’s, I immediately went in “just in case” mode. I began having conversations with myself like, “If I don’t get black truffle salt now, I may not be able to try it. I better get it….you know….just in case!” As if not trying TJ’s black truffle salt or stocking up on EBTBS Seasoning would be the end of my existence. It’s crazy. I’m slowly coming to realize I can live with less, including stuff from my beloved Trader Joe’s. TJ’s will ALWAYS have a billion new products to buy.

This holiday season, please don’t buy stuff “just in case.” I guarantee you will overspend like I’ve done in the past.

Here’s to less “just in case” purchases, more time enjoying simple pleasures and to what’s…only necessary!


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