Philadelphia Day 4 — Nan Zhou (again) and Omiyage

I liked Nan Zhou so much that I went back to the restaurant the next day to get another taste of the soup before leaving the city. 

When I mentioned to a colleague that we had eaten there the day before, she indicated that she had eaten there also.  But when we compared pictures and photos, it was evident that we had gone to two different places.  It turned out that she found Nan Zhou (blue storefront in the photo below) and looked for the entrance and entered through the Dim Sum Garden door that was right next door!  She had no clue that she had gone to the wrong place until we talked about it.  IMG_7918

I had some time to get some omiyage to bring back home so I stopped at Reading Terminal on the way back to the hotel. I picked up some pretzels and popcorn to share with friends and family in Hilo.

After getting back to the hotel, I had a little time to get a workout in before the evening function of our conference.  I stopped at the fitness center and found a great view of the city!

On this last evening in Philadelphia, we attended our final function of the conference then retired to the room to munch on fried chicken and leftovers.  


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