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Only Necessary: 60-minute Declutter Burst


By Misty I. Here’s a crazy idea: what if you renewed your love for staying home? It’s such a luxury to relax and not have anything planned. For so long I’ve been “surviving”… Continue reading

Only Necessary: The Problem with “Just In Case”


By Misty I. We’ve all done it. We buy something “just in case.” I’m not talking about gasoline or toilet paper, we actually need those things. Currently, anyway. I’m talking about all the… Continue reading

Only Necessary: Thoughts on Black Friday 2018


By Misty I. Happy Thanksgiving! Can you feel it? The craziest shopping day of the year is just about here. Usually, I can’t wait to shop. Usually, I’m already looking up the Black… Continue reading

Only Necessary: Misty’s 5 Minimalism Strategies


By Misty I. What do you love? Do you wish you had more of (fill in the blank) in your life? Is it more balance? Is it more self-care? Is it more time… Continue reading

Only Necessary: Thoughts on Minimalism


By Misty I. Are you ready? Ready to pursue a better version of yourself? I honestly cannot think of anything that has captured my attention like this in a long time. I’m referring… Continue reading