Only Necessary: Thoughts on Minimalism

By Misty I.

Are you ready? Ready to pursue a better version of yourself?

I honestly cannot think of anything that has captured my attention like this in a long time. I’m referring to minimalism.

If you read my weekly blog posts you know I write about food and “only easy” recipes I’ve made. My top post of all time is about manapua. Yes, manapua. Minimalism has the potential to change you, manapua doesn’t. If you’re intrigued…keep reading.

“If it feels like too much. It’s too much.” – The Minimalists

Is your current life “too much?” Is it your closet? Your career? Your schedule obligations? Relationships? I believe minimalism can help you!

Let’s start with…well… the truth. For me, minimalism started with decluttering. I love to shop. Always have. Shoes and clothes especially. In my adult life, I have expanded my shopping to all kinds of stuff I need. It never ends. I feel happy when I buy it, but that never lasts long. It’s madness.

“Want to give yourself a raise immediately? Stop spending.” -The Minimalists

I still haven’t pinpointed the exact moment within the last two months when the minimalist lifestyle started really appealing to me. It may have been their TED talk on YouTube, I’m not sure. What I can tell you is that it’s freeing. Who’d’ve thought that the simple act of getting rid of stuff felt so epic?! Try it!

Defining Minimalism: the Minimalists define it for themselves here. For me, minimalism is simply living a meaningful life with less. It’s more than just applying Japanese organizer Marie Kondo’s “KonMari” method to all my crap and getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” It’s also about decluttering relationships and making mindful decisions about how I spend my time. Any minimalist will tell you that true freedom comes in the form of time. Time is the most precious resource we have.

What minimalism is not: let’s be clear, it’s not necessarily deprivation. If I need something and I define it is a wise purchase, I will still buy it.

“Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less; rather, we focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more experiences, more growth, more contribution, and more contentment. More freedom. And clearing the clutter from life’s path helps us make that room.”

– The Minimalists

Good right? I knowwwwww. That’s the beauty of minimalism, you define it for yourself. After reading this you don’t have to get rid of anything, but if you’re stressed by your excess maybe you should. You decide. Some minimalists are extreme, they own only 33 pieces of clothing. That is not me. Only you know what your needs are.

I’m currently working on what minimalist strategies I’d like to incorporate into my life, stay tuned.

Here’s to a better life and what’s….only necessary!



  1. I’ve been reading about this and moving towards de-cluttering within the last 2 months as well. Must be something in the air 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more from your experiences as well.


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