Day 5 – Peru – Back to Cusco

Hotel Pakaritampu was beautiful but it was time to leave and head back to Cusco.

On our way from Ollantaytambo, we stopped at one roadside vendor where we saw more cuy being raised in a home.  Some of us also tried chica, a fermented drink made from corn.

We stopped at in Pisac to see another market with beautiful colors and handicrafts made with pride.

IMG_6865We saw even more Inca ruins with amazingly beautiful agricultural terraces carved into the hillside.

We had lunch at Dona Clorinda in Pisac and as the photo shows–I had beef and potatoes. It wasn’t so exotic but it was tasty and familiar.

Once we were back in Cusco, we made sure to head to one restaurant we had heard of prior to leaving for our trip to Peru was Limbus.  This restaurant is located on the hills and offers beautiful views of Cusco.  We were able to find our way to the restaurant and had dinner at Limbus as we enjoyed the views of the city and the setting of the sun.  Living Hilo Style in Peru.





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