Only Necessary: Thoughts on Black Friday 2018

By Misty I.

Happy Thanksgiving! Can you feel it? The craziest shopping day of the year is just about here. Usually, I can’t wait to shop. Usually, I’m already looking up the Black Friday doorbusters and making an attack plan. Usually, I’m making my list and checking it twice. But omg…Bath and Body Works just opened at the mall, maybe I should go? Why? So I can stock up on hand sanitizers that I end up dumping because they’re expired?! Noooooope, not this year. I’m not going Black Friday shopping and I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!! Can you believe it?! I knowwww. I think this minimalism thing might actually be working! I’m an “excessive consumer” which means up until a few weeks ago I would buy stuff alllllll the time. So much so that it had become a natural and “normal” part of my life. It’s almost a hobby, but I’m really trying to change. I feel like David though, and consumerism is definitely Goliath. I love Christmas and I’m going to have eventually buy presents before December 25th but I’m no longer going to make Black Friday an “event.”

This Thanksgiving weekend lets choose “presence” as in time with loved ones instead of spending time buying “presents.” Time is the one resource we can never get back, guard it ruthlessly! While you’re busy making memories with loved ones this weekend I think your wallet will appreciate the time off too!

Here’s to less stuff, less stress and what’s …only necessary!


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