Philadelphia Day 2–Barbuzzo

Day 2 in Philadelphia was day 1 of the conference.  I learned a lot at the NATOA annual conference.

After the conference finished for the day, we did have to find something to eat so Gail, Connie and I secured reservations at Barbuzzo and enjoyed our early dinner!


Grilled Spanish Octopus — cantimpalo chorizo, fingerlings, cucumber, taggiasca roasted peppers, white bean puree, herb


Maccellaio Pizza — san marzano, fior di liatte, chorizo cantimpali, calabrian sausage, hot coppa, basil, tarragon-sesame pesto


Tonnarelli Nero — seared shrimp, calabrian chile, capers, cherry tomjatoes, uni butter, pangrattatoIMG_7830

We shared everything family style so that we could taste everything that came to the table.  IMG_7836

After dinner, we joined the rest of the group for a little bit of karaoke in Philly before heading back to the hotel, doing some work and getting ready for the next day!

Living Hilo Style in Philly.


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