What is something I want to achieve this year?

I don’t try to reinvent a new me each year. I try to reflect on what I did and how I would like to see myself in the future. I want to make incremental improvements to get closer to my vision for myself and my life. You saw my previous post with my H-themed goals for myself.

On this first day of 2023, I reflected on my desire to organize my life and house. If I can improve this area, I believe I will be happier, save money, and reduce waste. Plus, I’ll use things or share things that I own that have been hiding. I need to reduce clutter and organize what I keep. I’ll start by reducing my clutter. Others in my household are more clutter-happy than I am, but since I can’t control their habits, I’ll just take care of my stuff. Let me know if you have tips on how to reduce clutter and organize. Baby steps for me. At least I’m thinking about it. #bloganuary Living Hilo Style.


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