The H Theme for 2023

As 2022 comes to a close and I think about 2023 and what I want to focus on, I was able to organize everything into three H themes.


  • Lower Blood Pressure — I have to keep track of my blood pressure so that I don’t have to take medication for this. I’m hoping that the combination of all my health focus items will help me address this.
  • Meditate — I have a lot of monkeys running around my head and want to work on more focus. My friend Mel told me about an app called Insight Timer and I’m going to try using it to see if it helps calm those monkeys down.
  • Sleep — Getting enough sleep and getting good sleep is so important and this travel and holiday season has been wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns. Maybe using lavender will help. And meditating too.
  • Sunscreen — Using sunscreen more consistently is also on my list.
  • Vitamins — I want to be more consistent with taking my vitamin and mineral supplements. It can only help me with all my health focus items.
  • Workout — This is on my list of goals all the time. Nothing new.


  • Blog — This past year was pretty hectic and I didn’t blog as much as I wanted. I think that the pandemic threw a wrench in my blog focus since I haven’t been going out and about as much. Maybe 2023 will bring a change. I want to share more about all the great things Hilo has.
  • Cook — I enjoy cooking. I’m hoping to crack open all the fun cookbooks I have been collecting and making some new dishes! Plus, my Rancho Gordo bean subscription will encourage me to make more bean dishes — although I’m not sure that my husband is all that happy about that. But he is the one who encouraged me to get this subscription! Next up for the new year — Lucky Black Eyed Pea Stew!
  • Garden — I love my hydroponic garden and want to continue gardening. I’m waiting to hear back about a microgrant I applied for that will help me expand my hydroponic systems.
  • Photography — I still want to focus on learning how to capture memories through photos. Maybe starting a photo challenge will help me.
  • Reading — I still continue to read on my Kindle almost every evening. It helps me wind down.
  • Travel — I love traveling. Where to go next? What to eat? What to do?


  • Bathroom — Renovation of my master bathroom coming soon. Big expense but sorely needed.
  • Organize — I thought that when my children went off to college that I would have time to clean and organize the house. I was wrong. Or maybe I had time but I didn’t have the motivation. Whatever — between traveling and wanting to read and relax, my house seems even more disorganized. I want to use up all the things I have in my pantry from my travels and food shopping.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2023! Living Hilo Style.



  1. Happy New Year! I always enjoy your blog and wanted to thank you for all the time you put into it.  I get to travel vicariously with you! Here’s to a wonderful 2023!  May all your wishes come true.   Best to Aaron too plz. Elizabeth


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