Day 6 Osaka and Hilo

This is our last morning in Osaka.  Although I am sleeping later than 4 and 5 a.m., I still wake up before the rest of my family.

I ventured away from the convenience store for breakfast today and decided to try a restaurant next to the hotel that was advertising a nice breakfast.  I got all this for only around $5!  What a deal.

I didn’t mention it before but we stayed at a hotel called the Namba Oriental Hotel.  One of our friends stayed here and had recommended it to us.  The location was convenient and situated around shops and restaurants and it was easy to get from the hotel to the train station.

After breakfast, we packed up a little since our flight home was leaving that night.  We wanted to make sure that everything fits into our bags.  After doing some general packing, we headed back toward Dr. Stretch for our final stretch session.  (On the way, we stopped for ice cream.) This time, in addition to Steven, Aaron and I also got a session of stretching in.  I loved it and plan to make another visit the next time I go to Japan.

After getting stretched, we walked around and looked for a Korean BBQ place for a late lunch/early dinner. We found some interesting sights along the way.

Korean BBQ was our last meal in Japan. We went back to the hotel, showered, packed up and headed to the airport to come back to Hilo. When we checked in, we found that there were still some lie-flat seats available for a very reasonable price and we jumped on the chance to be comfortable as we flew on the long flight home to Hilo.

What a great time we had in Japan with family and friends. Now, it’s time to unpack!  Living Hilo Style.


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