Da Box–Hilo’s CSA and a Cucumber Greek Salad

ginger banana rambutan potato carrot sprout tatsoi hawaii food basket da box

I subscribe to Da Box from the Hawaii Food Basket. Da Box is an island-wide Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) for all residents of Hawaii.

This weekly delivery of produce generally includes a bag of five to seven different types of in-season, local produce. If your workplace can get several subscribers, the Food Basket will deliver to your workplace as they do to mine on the University of Hawaii campus.  With all of our consumers paying in advance, farmers improve their cash flow and the supplier has minimal waste since they know exactly how much their demand is.  Best of all, dollars spent on Da Box will go toward 100 percent local produce and farmers.

This past week, I had cucumbers in my CSA delivery. I enjoy cucumbers in a variety of ways–I often make cucumber kimchi, cucumber namasu, or just salt some cucumber sticks and serve with a miso aioli dip.


Today, I looked on Pinterest for some cucumber recipe ideas and came across a Cucumber Greek Salad from Belle of the Kitchen.  This recipe is just my speed–just chop and combine. I used local cucumbers, Kamuela tomatoes, and a red onion.I combined it with olive oil, lemon juice, oregano. I seasoned with salt and pepper, sliced some pitted kalamata olives and mixed in with crumbled feta cheese. Perfect side dish for a light dinner.


I’m pairing it with a romaine salad with a homemade garlic, olive oil dressing; steamed, local sweet potatoes; some pickled veggies; and fried, locally-caught ahi. Everything simple to prepare and I think pretty healthily. Oh, and a glass of E. Guigal Saint-Joseph Controllee 2001. Easy dinner. Living Hilo Style.



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