Hawaii Food Basket (DA BOX, DA BUS) and Local Partner Farmers

Misty and I recently attended the Hawaii Food Basket Farmer Appreciation Luncheon.

As a long-time DA BOX (https://www.hawaiifoodbasket.org/da-box ) community-supported agriculture (CSA) customer, it was a great chance for me to meet the farmers who have been supplying the produce I have been enjoying.

Have you heard of Da Box? I’ve been a subscriber of this CSA every since they started. I get a bag of produce delivered to my workplace every week. It helps me eat clean and eat local while supporting our local farmers including my most favorite farm — OK Farms. Here is what I am got recently.

Mixed Lettuce – Johnson Family Farm    
Limes – Johnson Family Farm    
Eggplant – HIP Agriculture     
Tomatoes – Kamuela (Hilo Products)    
Peanuts – Dimple Cheeks     
Sweet Peppers – Buddhist Lotus Monastery 
Strawberry Papaya – Kokea Garden     

This is a great assortment of produce that my household loves. I love knowing the source of the produce I eat.

As of mid-October for the year 2019, the Hawaii Food Basket has purchased over $134,000 in produce from 47 Big Island farms. This produce is then sold at affordable prices through the DA BOX CSA program and through DA BUS Mobile Market program. In addition, customers who pay with their SNAP-EBT account receive an even larger savings. SNAP-EBT customers who purchase two weeks of DA BOX produce receive an additional two weeks of produce for FREE plus 50% discount on purchases at DA BUS Mobile Market. Here is a link to the days and locations for the DA BUS Mobile Market. https://www.hawaiifoodbasket.org/da-bus

Check out the delivery program! If you sign up, you’ll feel great eating clean and healthy and supporting our local farmers. The bonus of not having to go to the store helps too!

Here are some links to posts of some dishes I have made with my DA BOX deliveries.
Cucumber Greek Salad
Warabi Salad
Italian Orzo Soup



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