After Thanksgiving Jook

I love soups. After a roast turkey dinner, I make jook. It is so easy and hits the spot after going overboard with food and drinks the day before.

I put the turkey carcass in a big stock pot and add in chicken broth and some water and bring it to a boil and then simmer it until the meat falls of the bone. Be sure to strain the broth so that you get all the small bones from the turkey out of the soup. Once the bones are out, add the meat back in and you can even chop up a little more leftover turkey meat and add it to the soup. I also add a chunk of ginger, some minced chung choi (preserved, salted turnip that is easy to find at KTA), a cup of rinsed raw rice, and then just season with salt to taste and then simmer for about an hour.

Once the rice is nice and soft, serve it topped with cilantro and green onions. There are so many variations on toppings. I have had it with lettuce, won bok, and takuan.

Today, I have some wasabina that I got from the Hawaii Community College agriculture program and am using that as a mild spicy note. Living Hilo Style.


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