Thanksgiving 2019 Reflections

This year was the first year my eldest child did not spend his Thanksgiving with us. I’m happy that he is feeling independent and choosing his own memories. I’m also happy that he is spending time with his extended family on Oahu.

In Hilo, we continued the tradition of hosting a Friendsgiving at my home. Like last year, I made it easy for me by ordering a Zippy’s Thanksgiving dinner that includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, sweet rolls, cranberry/pineapple relish.

I roasted a 9-pound rib roast using J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s perfect prime rib recipe with the reverse sear method. As long as you have the time, this is the way to roast a hunk of beef. I also prepared a ham, Portuguese sausage stuffing. I ordered a pumpkin pie and a rolls from the culinary program at Hawaii Community College.

My friends brought Chinese-style steamed mullet, tossed salad, mac & cheese, challah bread, roasted lamb, candied yams, pasta, cornbread, salad, fried shrimp, roasted carrots, and lots of desserts!

I met up with a classmate the day before turkey day at my house and met up with other classmates the day after turkey day at Pho 19. The holidays are such a great time for food and friends. Living Hilo Style.


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