Paul’s Place Waffles and Wine

b236c2dd-7ac3-4c94-b7a4-9b4407b9b8c8The hardworking committee who planned the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon got together for a special dinner at Paul’s Place.  Paul opened his restaurant up for us on a Sunday evening.288ec4a1-287f-4f5b-a6ae-910ecb8470a5

Paul allowed us to bring wine to pair with our dishes.

We started off with amazing appetizers. The variety of appetizers were fresh, colorful, and were enjoyed by all of us!

After the appetizers, we filled our tummies with delicious pasta, meatballs, and a calamari/celery salad. Wow!

We finished off the meal with some sweets that included Paul’s famous waffles and a refreshing and rich affogato!

If you haven’t visited Paul’s Place yet, be sure to make a reservation and go there for breakfast or lunch.  Click on the links to read about my Paul’s Place visits in the past.

Blog post #1

Blog post #2

You might even try and see if you can make a private party reservation like we did! Living Hilo Style.


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