Paul’s Place with a Pal

I recently got together with a close friend for breakfast at Paul’s Place in downtown Hilo. It was nice to spend some time catching up with a fellow mama whose children are the same ages as my children.  We have been friends since our eldest children were born 14 years ago. More than just friends, we have been a support system for each other as we go on the crazy journey called parenthood.img_9878I called about a week ahead to easily make reservations at this cozy restaurant.
It was my first time at Paul’s. I had high expectations based on all the feedback I had been getting from friends and from social media.  I have a habit of “Yelping” restaurants before I go there so that I have an idea of the menu and what the dishes look like.  This visit to Paul’s was no different for me.  I looked up the delectable photos of the dishes before getting there. Even though I had a good idea of the restaurant offerings, I still had a hard time deciding in advance what I would order.  I love breakfast and everything looked and sounded great!

I ended up ordering one of my favorite breakfast/brunch dishes, lox and bagels.  It was pretty and colorful and was the perfect amount of food.  My friend had the breakfast Caprese that she said was a great combination of textures and flavors.  We both enjoyed our breakfasts, but most of all, we enjoyed each others’ company.  Make an effort to enjoy time with friends.

Paul’s Place/132 Punahoa St/Phone number (808) 280-8646



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