Kadota Sake Tasting

Kadota Liquor in Hilo recently had a free sake tasting event at the store. Yoshi-san, from World Sake, assisted customers in their quest to sample delicious sake, even one that tasted delicious with blue cheese! If you were up to tasting all eight sake (um, yes!!!), Yoshi’s recommendation was to go from left to right.  The flavors ranged from clean and smooth to fragrant and floral. Yoshi explained a bit about each sake as we tasted it and even allowed us to compare the flavor of a few sake served cold and warm.

There were only a couple of people there when I got there and we got a lot of personalized service from Yoshi. I was expecting a small crowd and having to wait to try each sake, but this being Hilo, that wasn’t the case.  We had a nice time sampling delicious sake and sharing some laughs with other Hilo pals who stopped by for sake and to pick up dinner at K’s Drive In. It was a great Friday pau hana stop.  Living Hilo Style.

Kadota Liquor    194 Hualalai Street     Phone: 808-935-1802


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