Hiromi in Hilo–Daikon Salad with Imitation Crab

by Hiromi W. Chung

Today I would like to share my recipe for Daikon Salad with Imitation Crab.

When I went to KTA with my husband, we saw daikon. That brought back a memory of a daikon salad with imitation crab that I had while I was in middle school in Japan.

I bought the daikon and imitation crab and as soon as I came home, I started making the salad for my husband.The recipe is super easy. First, I washed and peeled a half of a daikon. Next, I cut the daikon into fine strips and shredded the imitation crab.I then put the strips of daikon into a bowl and added some salt to the daikon and tossed it and let it rest.After letting it sit for about 30 minutes, I drained and rinsed the daikon.Finally, I put the daikon and imitation crab in a bowl and added some mayonnaise and mixed everything together. That’s it!My husband said it was a delicious pupu. The imitation crab can be replaced with corn and canned tuna too. This is a good side dish even for kids.

Try this tasty Japanese salad!

Hiromi’s Happy Living Hilo Style.




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