How I’m Hoping to Deal with 2018

I have an inkling that 2018 will be a challenging year for me to balance all parts of my life. I want to balance work, family, health, and fun. How do you do it?  What tips can you give to me?

I’m going to start 2018 off with a bang by spending the start of the year in Las Vegas with family and friends. That is fun, but I have to come home and will go straight to work that day.

Awesome colleagues.

I will be doing some new things at work where I will have a huge learning curve but thankfully, I am surrounded by awesome people who I know will help me through any challenges I will face.

In mid-December, I found a Pop Sugar article about a 12-month self-care challenge.  I think this might be a great challenge for me since it will help me to focus on self-care to help me balance my life. The article suggests focusing on smaller challenges each month rather than one huge challenge for the year.  I love the concept.  I just wish that there were a way to sign up for tips and reminders for this challenge that would show up in my email inbox.  I did make notes in my planner on what to focus on for the month and so I’m sure I’ll be able to address each challenge a little.  A little is better than zero!img_0217.jpgI also purchased a fitlosophy fitspiration journal to help me keep health and wellness at the top of my mind with inspiration and tips to live a fit life. It has sections to help me identify what I’m grateful for, set daily goals, track workouts/food/mood, record thoughts, and offers get healthy living tips. I started using it in December to kickstart me on my 2018 goals. I’m hoping that all these little steps will keep me healthy and happy as I take on 2018. I’m looking forward to 2018!  Living Hilo Style!


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