My Private Exercise Spot in Hilo

I try to make a habit of exercising as many times a week as I can.  However, between work and life demands, it isn’t always easy to get the sessions in.  One solution that works for me is to get in an exercise session while my son or daughter is at soccer practice.  My children both have the amazing opportunity to practice on the soccer field at OK Farms.  (Click here to read a previous post about OK Farms.)IMG_2914.jpgWhile my children practice soccer, I park the car and get a walk/wog/jog and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Thank goodness the heavy rains stopped and I’m able to take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having. IMG_0067.jpgI put on my Lovphone sports armband for my iPhone X (Amazon link: connect it to my Senso Bluetooth earbuds (Amazon link: and get moving.  I just got these earbuds and they are pretty comfortable.  The ear hooks float slightly above my ears, but it stayed on securely during my run and my exercise session.

I head to a spot about a mile away from the soccer field to my private exercise spot and then use the Nike Training Club (NTC) app to run me through a workout that is supposed to help me get lean and fit.

My exercise spot.

I use both the training app and the running app to track my workouts and motivate me. The NTC app is my personal trainer. It is free!  It has over 160 workouts with a variety of full-body challenges from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga.  You choose what your focus is.  I chose the Lean and Fit plan. After each training or running session, you just log how difficult the session was for you and future sessions are adjusted to your ability level.  I’ve been doing this plan for five weeks so far and feel a little stronger.   I look forward to finishing the plan and moving on to another one to keep me moving toward good health.

Really, though, getting to see these views while getting my heart rate up and getting healthy is so much motivation too.  I’m grateful and lucky to be living here in Hawaii. Living Hilo Style.


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  1. Aloha Anne! Love it! Kudos. Excellent use of spectator sport time. I used to be a big daily solo exercise enthusiast, till I got involved with three times per week cooperative exercise classes. We did a medical study which showed we got a minimum of double the results (many people got five times the results) with our three cooperative exercise class workouts than we did with 7 days per week solo workouts. Of course, lots of other factors at play….we are kicking off our Younger Now! three times per week Optimum Health classes at the not for profit CoOp Gym in January. If anyone interested, can send an email to:


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