Meetings Sometimes Means Food

At work, I have been finding myself attending a few meetings lately.

When my meetings are on Oahu or another island, I try to bring some Big Island treat–anything from something homemade or something bought from Hilo Lunch Shop, Big Island Candies, Big Island Delights, or Two Ladies Kitchen.  The other meeting attendees also bring something delectable from their island and we usually have enough food to feed us throughout the all-day meeting.

Here at work in Hilo, one of my bosses at work is very generous with feeding her meeting and work session attendees. I think she accurately believes that the way to a productive and happy workplace is food.

IMG_1570.jpgWe enjoy pizza, somen salad, seven-layer dip, and spam musubi in addition to cookies, snack-sized treats, desserts, and water.

IMG_1571.jpgWe feel fed, appreciated, and happy.  Thank you, Joni! Totally Living Hilo Style.



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