Learning How to Risotto at HawCC

As an employee of Hawaii Community College, we are encouraged to sign up for professional development.  Sometimes the PD opportunities are serious and sometimes they are less serious.  I count the cooking workshops as the less serious ones, although one could argue that food, cooking, and eating are very serious subjects–especially in my life.

This workshop was limited to 8 people and as soon as I saw the email, I signed up and I got in as the 8th person on the list.  Whew.

We learned how to prepare an amazing truffle butter risotto. I love risotto but have never attempted to make it at home since I hear that you have to give it so much attention and must constantly stir it. This is my chance to go through the process with a chef teaching us how. I learned that it isn’t difficult to make risotto–it just takes time and patience and a lot of stirring. IMG_2789Chef Brian gave an introduction to what we would be learning this evening. IMG_2782Then, we each got a cup of risotto and went off to the cooking station.

It is more fun to make a dish like this with pals in the kitchen so you can talk and take turns stirring the risotto.  While one person is stirring the other can chop, saute, grill, or drink wine.IMG_2827

There are lots of risotto recipes out there with all kinds of add-ins.  On this evening, we flavored our cooked risotto with truffle butter and parmesan cheese and had grilled zucchini, peppers, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli as sides. What a fun and tasty class.  I think I’m now brave enough to attempt this at home. Living Hilo Style.



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