Only In Hilo: Pandamonia’s Paletas

By Misty I.

Have you tried a paleta? It’s a Latin American ice pop. I heard about it a few months ago from my friend Kilohana.

It’s located at the Ali’i Ice House on Banyan Drive and is the perfect treat after spending some time at Liliuokalani Gardens.

When we got there, I didn’t know where to go. A nice guy came out and directed us to a door where the paletas were located. The pic above shows you where to go.

Pandamonia’s Paletas have a ton of flavors and my sons had a hard time deciding. They finally settled on a kiwi pop and a cantaloupe cream pop. While we were there a guy walked in and bought a dozen coconut pops which made me wonder if that was their best seller. I must go back and try the coconut pop, you know – research. Only in Hilo!

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