Malunggay from Grace turned into Chicken Tinola

My friend Grace has a green thumb. She grows lemons, calamansi, bitter melon, tomatoes, papaya, and I am not sure what else.

One day, my daughter asked me to pick up Grace’s daughter so they could go to the beach. I got rather excited for that errand since I knew that Grace’s malunggay tree is flourishing right now. I recently made a mungo bean stew with her malunggay (moringa) leaves and it was delicious. I love soups and I wanted to try and make chicken tinola with malunggay.

I got some malunggay leaves and got a bonus harvest of some bittermelon too.

I sautéed some garlic, onion, and ginger then added a few chicken thighs to the pot. After the chicken thighs browned a bit, I added some patis and chicken broth and seasoned the broth with some salt and let it simmer.

I had purchased some green papaya from the Hilo Farmers’ Market but they turned out to be too ripe for my soup. I tried going to the Filipino store near Hopaco but their papayas were too ripe too. I finally got some from a friend who gets a bunch of green papaya at a time and preps them by chopping them up and freezing them.  I never realized that green papaya could be frozen. I guess I’ll start growing papaya trees in my garden now with the seeds I have from all the papayas that I thought were green but were not. that way, I can harvest my own green papaya. I just need to figure out how to/when to properly top off the tree so I can reach the fruit easily.

img_5437.jpgAnyway, once I got the green papaya, I added it to the soup with the malunggay leaves. Yum! Comfort food.  img_5446Thank you, Grace, for your generosity and for the malunggay leaves that turned into chicken tinola for my family!  Living Hilo Style.


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