Poonam, Donn, James, and Anne–Hilo High Vikings Reunited in Napa!

I love Christmas cards with photos.

These family photos keep me in touch with close and faraway loved ones. I often try to keep in touch with these friends by sending a greeting to them to stay in touch. Poonam, one of my classmates from my elementary school days sent me an eChristmas card. When I sent her my greeting, I mentioned my upcoming trip to Napa to her since I heard that she lives nearby. Poonam is a professional travel planner. If you need travel advice, please contact Poonam for your travel needs! (https://www.facebook.com/PSKTravelMadeEasy/)

The day before I was scheduled to leave on my Napa trip, she surprised me with the awesome news that she and our other classmate Donn could join me for a short afternoon visit. Once I got their phone numbers, we quickly made a group text and started catching up via text. A few hours later, I saw a cryptic message from James on Facebook about never knowing who we will see in life. About a minute later, Poonam texted me and said that James was joining us too.

I screamed with joy and looked forward to seeing them. Poonam and Donn joined us at Buehler Winery and then headed to the condo to meet up with James. Poonam and Donn ended the evening having dinner with us at Don Giovanni’s. We recalled memories, made plans for the future, and had lots of laughs. Yes, the Napa trip with my girlfriends was awesome in itself but this trip was made even more awesome with the addition of seeing treasured classmates!


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