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Poonam, Donn, James, and Anne–Hilo High Vikings Reunited in Napa!


I love Christmas cards with photos. These family photos keep me in touch with close and faraway loved ones. I often try to keep in touch with these friends by sending a greeting… Continue reading

Hilo Housewives at The French Laundry


By Guest Foodie Contributor–Misty Inouye How do you prepare for the best meal of your life? I wrestled with this thought leading up to the reservation at The French Laundry (TFL) in Yountville.… Continue reading

Hilo Housewives Go to Napa-Day 2


November 13, 2015 What a beautiful day in Napa Valley.  Our first winery stop was to the incredibly beautiful Kenzo Estate. We toured this estate with our guide, Cameron. The first taste was the… Continue reading

Hilo Housewives Go to Napa–Day 0.5


November 11, 2015 The day is here.  For some of us, it was hard to get to sleep the night before and for others, hard to sleep in because Napa is on our… Continue reading

Napa Valley Ladies Weekend Getaway–Prep and Pack


November 10, 2015 Seventeen ladies.  Napa.  Food.  Wine.  Laughter.  Friends.  An epic adventure away from the responsibilities of work and family.  We feel carefree and excited for this trip! Wendy and I started planning… Continue reading