Hilo Housewives Go to Napa–Day 0.5

November 11, 2015

The day is here.  For some of us, it was hard to get to sleep the night before and for others, hard to sleep in because Napa is on our mind. Checking the weather. Looking up Instagram photos of Napa. Texting each other. Did we pack everything we wanted? Are we ready? The ladies from Hilo (#HiloHousewivesGoToNapa) met at the airport and started taking group selfies right away.  First group selfie of the day was taken even before going through the TSA checkpoint.  Lots of laughter and chatter going on. We met with three more members of our party at HNL and took another selfie!  The Hawaiian Air flight was smooth and fast. Our flight attendant Jayme took good care of us. What were the other passengers on the flight thinking about us?  Fourteen ladies making lots of noise.

We finally arrived in Oakland at 9:20 p.m. and were met by Mitchell from Beau Wine Tours and their 12-passenger executive van to whisk us away in comfort to Napa where we checked in to the Silverado Resort.  It was nice not to have to worry about renting a car and driving at night.

At the resort, we met up with the last two members of our group, former Hiloan and now San Diego resident (but still Hilo girl at heart) Marla and her friend Chyoko (who is married to a Hiloan).  Marla and Chyoko graciously stopped at the store before our arrival and set us up with the essentials to get us through the weekend.  Water, snacks, and bubbly. Some of the ladies were a little hungry after the flight and so a trip was made to In-N-Out Burger to satisfy the hunger.

We all settled in and got ready for bed so we would be fresh and lively for our full  itinerary the next day.  In fact, a few have plans to wake up early and go for a 10-mile run!!!  Not me.


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