Two Days in Napa — Day 2

Despite getting older — or maybe as a result of getting older, my strong body clock hasn’t changed and so I got up early on this second day despite going to bed late the previous night. I took advantage of the lovely, quiet morning and went for a beautiful walk in the vineyards behind the Gemstone Vineyards guest house. I picked an apple to have for breakfast, enjoyed the changing morning light, the views of hot air balloons in the sky, and the crisp fall temperatures.

Once we got going, the first stop on this second day was at Peju winery where the tasting went extra well with the truffle chips served with a goat cheese dip drizzled with oil-marinated anchovies. Yum! While we were at Peju, our driver picked up our order of Model Bakery English muffins for us. I’m obsessed with these muffins!!! No wonder Oprah listed these muffins as one of her favorite things!

The next stop was at Joseph Phelps. We had all been there before, but this time we had reservations for their Bountiful Table three-hour lunch. Each course was so delicious and perfectly paired with the seemingly endless wine. Despite an amazing lunch, we still had space for us to enjoy a yummy margarita at Alila Hotel.

After our margarita, we stopped at Oakville Grocery for some small omiyage shopping and headed back to our guest house. We did a quick cardio workout and got ready for a light dinner at Regiis Ova, a fabulous champagne and caviar restaurant. The caviar tasting plate was great as were the dishes made with caviar. But even dishes without caviar were amazing. The pork belly is one of my favorites! After dinner, we packed up for our early morning pickup to take us to the airport for our flight home. Goodbye Napa for now. It was a great weekend. Living Hilo Style in Napa.


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