Thanksgiving in Las Vegas -Day 1

My family spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas this year. We flew the red-eye on Hawaiian Airlines on Wednesday evening so that I wouldn’t miss any workdays. We arrived in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving morning. After a quick rest, I headed out to have a great dim sum lunch at Orchids Garden where my friend said they have a great chicken feet. I’ve never had chicken feet and tried it for the first time. The flavor of the sauce was yummy but I can’t say that I’d order it again. However, all the many other things I ate were delicious and I’d go back to this restaurant located on Sahara. I don’t know if it was because of Thanksgiving that it was so busy but the wait for a table was around 30 minutes for us.

I got back to the hotel and got my Thanksgiving day workout at the hotel gym. It was wonderful because I was the only one in there at that time on that day. We had dinner at Bailiwick at the Orleans where we were staying. I was still so full from lunch that I just ordered a salad and some appetizers to share for my Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoyed having a traveling Thanksgiving with no worries about clean up and dishes to wash. It was such a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. Living Hilo Style in Las Vegas.


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