Luahiwa, Laurie, Mark, and Anne’s Chinese Food Celebration

Luahiwa, Laurie, Mark, and I got togethter to catch up and hang out. The three of us all love food and planned on each making a contribution of a dish to share with each other. We recently celebrated the Chinese New Year, so we decided to have Chinese food! Luahiwa suggested contributing a Chinese diaspora fusion dish. That sounded fun.

I love soup. So, I wanted to try making a wonton soup. However, we got together on a Friday so I didn’t have time to make a homemade wonton. In fact, I’ve never made homemade wonton before so I didn’t even want to think about attempting it. I made a quick and easy broth with chicken bone broth, Kayanoya katsuo dashi, shoyu, garlic, ginger, and water. I didn’t measure anything. I just tasted as I went along.

After simmering the broth for a while so the garlic and ginger flavors melded with the broth, I added precooked frozen pork and vegetable dumplings that I found at KTA and heated it up. That’s it!

Garnish with green onions and cilantro and you have a quick and easy wonton soup.

As I thought about the Chinese fusion dish, I thought of some of my favorite Chinese dishes. In our group texts, we talked about salt and pepper shrimp from Imiloa, salt and pepper pork ribs from Happy Valley or Hilo Rice Noodle, or oyster chicken and fried rice from Cheng’s or Ling’s. The list of Chinese food we grew up with and love here in Hilo is endless.

I love fried rice and fried up a fusion fried rice with the kimchi and smoked meat that I have at home. Total local style for me.

The food was great but most of all we enjoyed our time together discovering fortunes and talking about everything under the moon. Living Hilo Style.


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