New Chiang Mai with the OG

It’s been tough finding time to get together with friends since we are busy with our personal and professional lives. Sharon, Melinda, and I finally got together the other night at New Chiang Mai Hilo Restaurant on Kalakaua Street in Downtown Hilo.

The three of us have been getting together since our children were babies. We have seen restaurants come and go and we went through many hairstyles over the years and are still having dinner together! Conversations have changed from topics of diapers and toilet training to kids college plans and prepping for life as empty nesters.

On this evening, we enjoyed three delicious dishes that we shared family style.

I insisted on having my favorite salad–Larb Gai. I want to eat it again.

We also enjoyed the eggplant with tofu and spicy basil beef stirfy.

It was a nice place to have dinner with good friends. We didn’t have time for dessert, but I noticed that they served Hawaiian Licks there! Living Hilo Style.


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