Day 2 Hilo to Hokkaido — Furano and Biei

Despite going to bed at around 1ish, my strong body clock still got me up around 5 a.m. My roomies slept in a bit longer so while they slept, I did some work before getting ready check out the combini for some morning eats. We found 7-11 and Family Mart right across the street from the Keio Plaza Sapporo where we bought onigiri, tamago sando, and yogurt and then ate our breakfast in the lobby.

Naomi hired a private car for us to take us to Furano to visit the lavender farm. The flowers were so pretty! We enjoyed lavender soft serve, Yubari melon, some bubbly, and took some photos.

We headed to a soba restaurant for lunch where the tenzaru was delish!

The matcha salt was so delicious as was the Sapporo Classic beer that is available only in Hokkaido.

After lunch we went to see the waterfalls and the stunning blue lake in Biei.

After getting back to the room after our day of sightseeing, we got ready to go to dinner at an izakaya that was recommended by Seiko, our flight attendant. IL Gocochi Robata was a fun stop.

What a great first full day in Hokkaido! Living Hilo Style in Hokkaido.


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