Little Caesar’s Comes (Back) to Hilo

Little Caesar’s is here (again)! Most of Hilo has been at least once but I’m sure there are many who have already visited multiple times. The parking lot is busy, the drive through is long, and I’ve been seeing lots of posts on my social media feed.

I would have waited a little longer to try it but, my daughter really wanted to try it this past Sunday. We had just come back from a trip and I was too busy to cook and so all signs pointed to getting pizza for dinner.

I had gotten the flyer in the mail that instructed me that I could put in my order using the mobile app. I downloaded the app and then found out that it was not yet up and running. I tried looking up the menu online but it was a little confusing. So, I decided to just go in person and put in my order. The parking lot is strictly divided between WikiFresh and Little Caesar’s and on the day I went, there was a parking lot attendant making sure that LC customers didn’t park in the WF spaces. I got my parking space and walked in around 5:30 p.m. The drive through line was very long. I ordered a thin crust Ultimate Supreme, Italian Cheesy Bread, and a Crazy Bread.

Make sure you say Crazy Combo so that you get the Crazy Sauce. If you say Crazy Bread, you only get the bread and have to pay extra for the sauce. It is a little confusing since there is no Crazy Bread on the menu other than the Crazy Combo. After submitting my order, I took a seat and since the store is still working out the kinks, I ended up waiting for quite a while. After about 25 minutes of waiting, the counter help realized that the kitchen did not even start cooking my pizza. They were very apologetic regarding my wait. I hope systems get worked out because my daughter and husband loved the food. I supplemented the pizza with a home-prepared romaine salad and a roasted eggplant with Gorgonzola cheese. What a relaxing and easy dinner. Living Hilo Style.


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