Hilo to Honolulu — Phantom and More

My husband loves musicals. We don’t mind seeing a favorite musical more than once. So when we heard that Phantom of the Opera was returning to Oahu, we didn’t hesitate to get tickets.

We made it to Oahu on a Saturday, got our car and headed to the Ala Moana Hotel where we were lucky enough to be able to check in a little early. After dropping off our bags, we walked to the adjacent shopping center where we enjoyed a ramen lunch at my daughter’s favorite ramen restaurant, Goma Tei.

My family enjoyed hot ramen but I was too hot and decided to try the vegetable cold udon dish. It was a more refreshing option for me and went well with the banbanji chicken side order we shared.

After lunch and shopping, we got ready for a Phantom of the Opera evening at the Blaisdell. The musical was great as we expected and it was extra special to watch it with my brother Charles and and his wife Allison. Charles and Allison even brought over a bottle of Phantom wine for us to enjoy before we headed to the musical. It was totally in theme and went well with the salami, cheese, crackers, fruits, and chocolates!

The next morning, I woke up early and went ‘wogging’ around the area. I ended up getting some breakfast from Foodland Farms for my sleepy-head family. My family scored with fried rice, bacon, salmon, eggs, and fruits. I enjoyed my breakfast on the lanai with an amazing view of the ocean.

After running some errands, we headed to Nice Day Chinese restaurant for some dim sum which I love and can’t get in Hilo. After lunch, my daughter met a friend and went shopping while my husband and I headed to the convention center to check out the end of the Okinawan Festival. We got there a little too late and found that the andagi was sold out by the time we went but we did get to enjoy some performances.

We topped off the evening with dinner at Yakiniku Yoshi. We were meeting my brother and his family there but got there a little early. It was perfect timing for Yoshi Happy Hour! Like Misty–I love happy hour! I highly recommend going early for happy hour! It was easy to get parking and a table! Awesome weekend on Oahu. Living Hilo Style in Honolulu.


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