Only on Lāna’i: Blue Ginger Restaurant

By Misty I.

September 4, 2019

Don’t let that humble blue building behind me fool you, it may be the most famous restaurant on Lāna’i! Blue Ginger Restaurant is smack dab in town next to Dole Park and always seems to be busy. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and some mean pastries to take with you on your daily Lāna’i adventures. Here are some favorites.

Pastries, pastries, pastries! Cinnamon rolls, ensemadas, apple turnovers, and hot dog croissants are made fresh daily! The soft and pillowy cinnamon rolls are my favorite and I had to stop myself from eating one every single day while I was there!

Teriyaki Chicken – a local classic with charbroiled edges, ono!

Chicken cutlet – a familiar and filling comfort food, Lāna’i style.

See you at Blue Ginger Restaurant, only on Lāna’i!


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